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Photo of Satyanarayan puja in Konkan

Photo of Satyanarayan puja in Konkan   
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Sant gora kumbhar jayanti is celebrated in the village Malewad. It is celebrated yearly and all the villagers have active participation in this occasion.Various programs such as Satyanarayan puja,bhajan,price distribution etc. are performed in Sant gora kumbhar jayanti. The small temple shown in this photo is created using banana tree.The trunk of banana tree is chopped in small pieces as per requirement.Then it is assembled to create beautiful temple as shown in this photo.Lord Vishnu is being worshiped in this photo i.e. satyanarayan puja. Satyanarayan puja is performed several times on various occasions. This puja is performed on different occasions such as ganeshotsav,marriage,inauguration ceremony etc. Satyanarayan puja means that you are thanking the lord Vishnu for the different things that you have received or achieved.
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